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Small things matter. Those little hand tools & carpentry accessories woodworkers use change the way they approach their craft & Big Horn understands the significance. Your crafty hands deserve nothing but the best when it comes to quality and performance and Big Horn has been delivering exactly that for more than 20 years. When it's time to elevate your woodcraft with some quality tools and accessories, Big Horn's range of premium woodworking products provide you with all the excellence and reliability you need to achieve extraordinary results every day. Big Horn – essentially your third hand.

Woodworking Accessories

Scrapers & Accessories

Buy Big Horn’s premium variety of cabinet scrapers to achieve high end finishing for your woodworking jobs. Our range includes flat, convex, concave, curved and gooseneck scrapers for all types of jobs. All scrapers offer the perfect combo of quality, performance and durability.

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Dust Collection

Hoses & Hoods

Now professional carpenters can shop for premium quality Big Horn PVC hoses that are reinforced with a spring steel wire helix making them an ideal product for dust and woodworking applications. These hoses also come in see through material so craftsmen can examine the dust collection system for blockages without having to pull it apart.

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Power Tool Accessories

Router Accessories

Accurate design meets prolific engineering to yield premium quality router accessories that exhibit reliability and ruggedness. These are small products manufactured with attention to detail and bear the capacity of replacing genuine OEM accessories. Don’t settle for inferior quality when you have Big Horn.

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Crown Tools


Find high quality wood chisels for cutting mortises, shaving rough surfaces, chopping out corners and scraping off glue. The wood chisel is an indispensable member of any woodworker's tool set. Crown's prolific engineering is well known for making the most durable and finest wood chisels carpenters can find on the market.

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Woodworking Accessories

Glue & Application

Gluing is one of the most important aspects of woodworking and high quality glue applications and solutions are crucial to achieve the best. At Big Horn, we understand the needs of a carpenter and furnish a range of gluing solutions and accessories that fits the needs of amateurs and professionals alike.

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Marking & Measuring


With Big Horn’s range of high quality calipers, accuracy and precision are just at a hand stretch. Get best results out of your woodworking crafts using Big Horn’s well-designed and well-engineered calipers. Our products include outside and inside calipers that are very useful measurement taking tools for oddly shaped materials.

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With more than two decades of experience in designing and mass producing high quality hand, woodworking tools and accessories particularly tailored for the needs of modern woodworkers, Big Horn has established itself as a frontline manufacturer of products that deliver quality, durability and performance every day of the week.


Distributors are our success partners who have build great businesses by selling Big Horn’s exceptional range of products and earning high margins doing that. Quality products, value pricing, quick refills and prompt customer care are the hallmarks Big Horn is known for. Write your success story today.