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July 2017: 25300, 25301, 25302 Hardened to 66/69 HRC, Big Horn Bowl Gouge Side Grind Handles now available in 1/4", 3/8" & 1/2" sizes.
June 2017: Manufactured with clear 5 mm thick acrylic plastic, Big Horn's Hinge Drilling Jig will get the job done.
February 2017: Made of durable Nylon fabric, Big Horn Contractor-Grade Air Pump Wedge is now available for purchase.
January 2017: Introducing Concealed 35 mm Hinge Router Jig for times when you're in the field without a drill press.
January 2017: Big Horn now offers a 16 piece Sanding Drum Kit with self expanding rubber cushioned drums.
January 2017: Introducing Big Horn's 4-Piece Dental Pick Set for a variety of professionals.


Small things matter. Those little hand tools & carpentry accessories woodworkers use change the way they approach their craft & Big Horn understands the significance. Your crafty hands deserve nothing but the best when it comes to quality and performance and Big Horn has been delivering exactly that for more than 20 years. Big Horn – essentially your third hand

About Big Horn

Big Horn Corporation manufactures and sells high quality woodworking hand tools, accessories and dust collection fittings to the professional woodworking distributors, tool repair shops and retail stores. The renowned company was acquired by American General Tool Group in 2015 with an aim to achieve better quality products and improved supply chain efficiencies. American General Tool Group remains devoted to provide the same integrity and quality that has become the signature of Big Horn in past few years.


The Big Horn Corporation was started by its founder Karen Cody to fill a void she had noticed in the availability of small woodworking tools and accessories. During the first few years the company operations were contracted out as Karen worked to grow the company and secure her place in the niche market she had identified.

As Big Horn Corporation grew from a fledgling startup into a small but successful distribution company Karen moved the company from California in the early 1990s. The relocation to a facility which Karen owned in Wyoming not only saved on expenses but also allowed the company to begin using a local sheltered workshop facility to assist with product packaging.

Under Karen's leadership the company added many unique hard to find products which allowed her to secure additional woodworking retailers as long term customers. But, in early 2003 as Karen's health continued to decline she quietly began looking for a buyer for the Big Horn Corporation.

In July 2003 the company was sold to the former owner, David Drumm and a new chapter began for the Big Horn Corporation. At that time the daily management of the company remained virtually unchanged and the transition went largely unnoticed by many of the company's customers.

Fortunately, the need for unique hard to find products which enabled company's success in those early years is still with us today and the Big Horn Corporation is still dedicated to bring those products for you.

American General Tool Group Acquires Big Horn

AGTG is excited about this acquisition as Big Horn brand aligns with its existing Kaufhof Woodwerks® brand selling woodworking tools, accessories, and dust collection fittings to carpentry distributors. AGTG looks forward to a seamless integration of both brands to achieve enhanced quality and supply chain efficiencies. AGTG employees have been a major influence on its growth, bringing an attitude of service and a spirit of cooperation, which encourages the company to think big and boost confidence to achieve bigger targets.

Mission Statement

"Big Horn is a crucial element of our expansive strategy to bring efficiency and modernism to contemporary woodworking with products that stand out both in form and function encouraging creativity & productivity."



Great goals aren’t achieved alone. We are fortunate to have such skilful and talented professionals.