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July 2017: 25300, 25301, 25302 Hardened to 66/69 HRC, Big Horn Bowl Gouge Side Grind Handles now available in 1/4", 3/8" & 1/2" sizes.
June 2017: Manufactured with clear 5 mm thick acrylic plastic, Big Horn's Hinge Drilling Jig will get the job done.
February 2017: Made of durable Nylon fabric, Big Horn Contractor-Grade Air Pump Wedge is now available for purchase.
January 2017: Introducing Concealed 35 mm Hinge Router Jig for times when you're in the field without a drill press.
January 2017: Big Horn now offers a 16 piece Sanding Drum Kit with self expanding rubber cushioned drums.
January 2017: Introducing Big Horn's 4-Piece Dental Pick Set for a variety of professionals.

4" Hold Tite Hose Fitting Set

Model No.: 11652
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Big Horn 11652 4" Hold Tite Hose Fitting Set is a 4" version of our popular 2-1/2" set. Made specifically to connect to larger dust collectors, this set is ideal for any woodworking shop. Includes 4" diameter expandable (12" to 36") hose, wide mouth and tapered attachments.

The hose is made of tough polypropylene; bend, twist, or turn into any position and it stays. Ideal for band saws, router tables, scroll saws, drill presses, and more.